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Vision of the Mexican Energy Market

  • According to SENER, between 2018 and 2032, CFE will withdraw around 12 GW of obsolete plants that do not meet Mexico's clean energy targets.
  • 66 GW of new generation capacity will be required to reach 130 GW, as well as new and renovated distribution and transmission infrastructure.
  • CFE needs to collaborate with private companies, it does not have the financial and operational capacity by itself to keep up with the important requirements of the Mexican electricity sector that lie ahead.
  • The result will be increasingly expensive energy and diminished quality of service.

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Global Industrial Partner

  • Our Industrial Partner has more than 1 GW of installed capacity.
  • Our Industrial Partner is a leading company specialized in the development and management of power plant assets and electricity supply to commercial and industrial clients. It uses its experience and knowledge to offer customized on-site and off-site solutions to provide power to its customers through cogeneration, combined cycle, solar and wind solutions.
  • Our Industry Partner's customized power supply solutions save your customers money on those ever-increasing electricity bills. We have a qualified supplier that operates in the wholesale market.
  • Our Industrial Partner offers solutions that help your clients manage their energy assets and make the most of them, without having to increase their own infrastructure. Constant optimization and continuous innovation are what our Industrial Partner does excellent.

Blue Global Energy

  • Blue Global Energy is an energy infrastructure development firm based in Mexico, made up of professionals with experience in the development, financing and acquisitions of electricity generation projects.
  • Blue Global Energy's focus is on designing bespoke energy solutions for commercial and industrial consumers.
  • The firm has experience in obtaining construction and operating permits and compliance with regulations, negotiations of power purchase contracts and structuring, financing and project acquisitions.
  • The company has 10 years of experience in the development of renewable energy projects in the Mexican electricity market and has successfully developed three 30 MW ready-to-build projects, 2 of which are already operating commercially. It is currently developing a 500 MW portfolio with projects in various states.
  • Blue Global Energy has worked together and has active relationships with some of the world's leading Private Electric Companies and EPCs.